Extra attention has been given to the exterior details - without compromising on the quality and reliability inside. QUMULUS is designed for private residences and exclusive office spaces.

QUMULUS is of the same high standard as all of the other PROTECT Fog Cannons, however this unit has been designed specifically for the private residence. 

726 EUR

Įdėti į krepšelį
  • Discharges 400 m3 of fog at full speed in 60 seconds
  • Covers a living room of up to 50 m2
  • Pulse function for up to 4 min. (effective maintenance of the fog provides protection over a longer period of time).
  • Audible and visual status indicator for low fluid and fault messages
  • Standby consumption (after warm up): 60 Watt
  • Dimensions: L: 580 x B: 140 x H: 148  mm
  • Fluid and fluid bag: QUMULUS uses XTRA+ fog fluid, which produces a completely dry and dense white fog. The fluid bag is easy to replace and can be used up to 4 times
  • Materials: Anti-sabotage impact-resistant steel